General Policy

General Policy

• To produce quality, hygienic, healthy and safe products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers,
• To produce products in accordance with regulatory requirements,
• By training all our employees on quality, halal food and food safety,
• Ensure end product excellence by minimizing defects,
• From the procurement of raw materials to the presentation of the final product to the customer; avoiding all kinds of counterfeiting and adulteration at every stage and not causing authenticity,
• To assess the risks related to food defense in the entire process from material acceptance to the point of sale, to take preventive measures and to ensure that accessibility is limited,
• To maximize food hygiene by prioritizing the awareness and training of our staff on food safety culture,
• Quality, Food Safety, Halal Food and Food Hygiene-oriented work,
• To continuously improve the awareness of Quality, Halal Food and Food Safety by training our staff,
• To produce safe products in accordance with customer requests, Islamic Rules and Turkish Food Codex,
• To ensure compliance with the Food Safety Management System, OIC/SMIIC 1 Halal Food General Requirements and Quality Management System Standards and to continuously improve the effectiveness of our system.




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